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Cristi has evolved into Austin’s “Holistic” Physical Therapist over the last 17 years, and loves the title. Cristi is passionate about alternative ways to manage chronic pain, especially through conscious exercise and living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Cristi takes pride in providing high quality, one-on-one care. She listens to the patient’s whole story because her mission is to get to the patient’s root cause of their pain.

Cristi has specialized in dry needling after feeling the benefits for herself. She enjoys getting dry needled monthly (by Stephan Miller, see below)   Cristi loves using this technique, as it is an alternative to pain medication and a great precursor to a good workout the next day.

Cristi has a Bachelor’s of Health and Science Degree from Baylor University and a Master of Physical Therapy Degree from Texas State University. As a licensed Physical Therapist, she has various continuing education certifications in Dry Needling, Exercise Correction, Reformer Pilates, Manual Therapy, YogaFit, Qigong, and Kinesiotaping techniques. She has also been part of the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach for over 6 years.

In her free time, Cristi enjoys dance classes, outdoor activities, painting, cooking gluten free dishes and petting dogs.

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Stephan has dry needled over 5000 patients since 2016, when dry needling became legal in Texas. He enjoys treating patients with orthopedic problems in the outpatient setting. His professional interests include all dysfunctions related to the shoulder, hip, knees, neck, and back, with special interest in rehabbing high school athletes back to competitive sport. Stephan’s skill set includes various manual treatment techniques and certification in therapeutic dry needling.

Personally, Stephan’s likes include a well home-made peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and his dislikes include people who complain about how cold it is whenever the temperature falls below 50 F (remember, he is from Chicago). Stephan moved to Austin in 2016 because, well, smoked brisket.  Stephan graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University.

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